Sunday, September 02, 2012

Apple, Samsung and what's the problem here ?

We have been watching the fight between Apple and Samsung in courts.
Why is Apple worrying about Samsung that much? And why samsung specially, not Android generally ?
Following is the reason in my humble opinion.
We have seen how apple released the first iPhone, and then how the next iPhone (iPhone 3G) was different from the first one. We've also seen the first iPad and how the iPad2 was different from it.

Apple's philosophy is:
Launch a Minimum Viable Product. Wait for a year. Add a successor with little improvements & features with the same price. Your fanboys will be ultimately happy.

BUT Samsung is bugging Apple's way of doing it. Samsung releases many improvements and features in its successor models. This means in a year, samsung releases more features than Apple in their phones. Meaning that by 2016, the iPhone 7 can't be compared with Samsung Galaxy S 7. And this means that Apple needs to put extra effort to keep its market share and keep its image in the customer's mind as one of the most innovative technology companies. Samsung speed is forcing Apple's guys to get more features out, do more R&D work to come up with more prospect features that make sense. Samsung is changing the way Apple wants to play the game and this makes Apple wanna go in a thermonuclear war on Samsung and its products. Then after stopping Samsung's Black horses , it's gonna continue the war on Android. 

Will Samsung Die after these wars?
I believe the answer is NO! .. Samsung will be affected in the US (Where Apple wants to get its domination back) and some markets. But come on, Samsung will figure out their way out of this. coming wiht innovative models and designs in the same speed of Samsung today. They will get to compete severely with Apple again even in the US. And by 2016 who knows what will happen :)