Sunday, March 28, 2010

QString <-> number conversion

Today i had a small problem with converting a QString to integer.
i found the solution and i wanted to share it :
QString str;
int x =10;
str = QString::number( x ); // str will be a string whose text = "10"
what about coverting a QString to integer number?
here we can use the .toInt() function:

QString str = "50";
int x;
x = str.toInt(); // x = 50
This page helped me alot 

i recommend this book for Qt users.

Thanks for reading,
Bassem Elhaouary


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Getting SVN to run on fedora 12

i had problems with running SVN on fedora 12

first choosing the GUI tool .. i was use to tortoise SVN on windows.
I found turtoiseHg which is a tortoiseSVN clone and could run on linux and integrate with nautilus.
i installed it on my fedora but it didn't run .. and i didn't find it to run it !!!

finally i found a tool called RabbitVCS 
it was installed normally and integrated with Nautilus .. needed to kill nautilus and restart it
killall nautilus
nautilus -q
and i found rabbit VCS in my context menu finally.

another problem appeared that i couldn't create repositories using rabbitVCS!!
this wasn't a problem in RabbitVCS , it was my old version of sqlite.

i just typed in the terminal
yum install sqlite
and then everything went OK.

I found a good tutorial for SVN through command line here

Bassem Elhaouary


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Advice on installing fedora 12

When I installed fedora 12 today .. i rebooted for the first time and it went OK

On the second reboot it didn't show the Login GUI. Instead it showed a black screen with something about SELinux and with options of enforcing and permissive :D .. i actually don't remember it exactly cause i was in a hurry and needed a working system .. i had nothing to cry about in the newly installed system , except for the time i spent installing it , so i reinstalled it and rebooted for the first time and then logged in and searched for a solution before i make the second reboot .
I found this page which was very useful ..  just disabled SELinux .. and tahnks to Falko Timme my fedora is OK now.
I hope it doesn't crash soon  :D