Thursday, March 18, 2010

Getting SVN to run on fedora 12

i had problems with running SVN on fedora 12

first choosing the GUI tool .. i was use to tortoise SVN on windows.
I found turtoiseHg which is a tortoiseSVN clone and could run on linux and integrate with nautilus.
i installed it on my fedora but it didn't run .. and i didn't find it to run it !!!

finally i found a tool called RabbitVCS 
it was installed normally and integrated with Nautilus .. needed to kill nautilus and restart it
killall nautilus
nautilus -q
and i found rabbit VCS in my context menu finally.

another problem appeared that i couldn't create repositories using rabbitVCS!!
this wasn't a problem in RabbitVCS , it was my old version of sqlite.

i just typed in the terminal
yum install sqlite
and then everything went OK.

I found a good tutorial for SVN through command line here

Bassem Elhaouary