Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Entrepreneurship isn't all about making money

Making money must not be the soul purpose of real entrepreneurs. Either they have a meaning that they wanna deliver in this life or go fuckingly work for a multinational in Dubai and make tons of money. I believe money is a result of delivering value to customers.  You can deliver the most value when you are working on something you're happy to do even if nobody showed you the money. If you didn't find it just Keep Looking & Don't settle. If you're not a real entrepreneur just admit it and go to LinkedIn >> search for Dubai >> apply for the jobs :) , it's normal that not all of us are born to be entrepreneurs.


Sunday, May 20, 2012

دليل استعمال الألوان فى التسويق

صادفت اليوم على الانترنت دليل رائع للأستاذ رءوف شبايك يوضح فيه كيفية استخدام الألوان فى التسويق
يوضح الدليل المكون من صفحة واحدة أهمية الألون و دلالاتها المختلفة و معانيها بالنسبة للزبائن 
إضغط على الصورة للتكبير