Sunday, June 05, 2011

Tapworthy iPhone Apps: Quotes & Thoughts Part #01

En Shaa Allah in this series I will summarise the knowledge I absorb from reading Josh Clark's book "Tapworthy iPhone Applications".
I will put each chapter knowledge and quotes in a single blog posts.

Starting with the introduction and Chapter 1, Here we go.

  • "Design is what your app does, how it works, how it presents itself to your audience" 
  • "If you don’t get it right in your first outing, most people won’t look back"
  • "According to one survey, nearly half of all apps are downloaded based on a friend’s recommendation"
  • "Loyal users spread the word, but few apps ever manage to create that big fan base"
  • "careless ≠ dumb"
  • "People don’t want dumb from your app; they want simplicity and ease"
  • "Great apps don’t make us think—at least not about their interfaces. They embrace complicated tasks but shield us from all the complexity under the hood, making it effortless for us to glide through and accomplish our goals"
  • "Simple is hard, and effortless takes lots of work. But those adjectives are the hall-marks of great design"
  • "Your mission in designing the user experience is to make sure that every screen and every action delivers delight, efficiency, and results" 
And this was my output from the intro and Chapter 1
If U have read it before, or just read the points I listed before, your comments are surely welcomed.